With no fixtures scheduled in over the month of December for Oly Cats’ Senior and U19 Handball sides, Bobby White and the rest of his staff will be afforded extra time out on the court to work with their respective groups.

Sunday’s upcoming game against Islington is the last until the beginning of 2018, and White states the break from action will be hugely beneficial.

“From a Seniors and U19’s perspective we haven’t got anything in December, so we’ve got a month where we don’t have any competition,” he highlighted.

“We’ll have a whole month off, with our first game back being on 6th January against Carshalton, and this means we can really start to iron out things in the training sessions.”

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That additional training period will be invaluable White declared, especially taking into account the usual quick turnaround between matches.

He expects improvements to be made during the competitive break, ahead of a busy schedule in January.

White explained: “At the moment in the sessions we go week-to-week preparing for the game at the weekend and we can’t really get into any sort of training routine.

“This is because we’re constantly changing our style and tactics for the upcoming game.”

“It’ll be an opportunity for us to revisit some of the fundamental areas in the game and embed some of the learning which the boys have been exposed to.

“It’ll be about consolidating their learning and gearing up for the games which are coming up in January.”