Oly Cats Futsal Director Howard Willmott says hell be keen to see the squad he has available make strides in the upcoming campaign.

Pre-season preparations have already begun for Willmotts side, and hes hoping to build on the foundations which were put in place last term.

I wont get to see the players until near the start of the new season,” explained Willmott. “If I get the players which were playing last year, we can continue developing them.

“We had a young squad last year. As they get older, bigger and wiser Ill be expecting that their development will continue, and therefore we should be able to have a better season than last year.

“Last season was a great learning curve. If we keep the same players well start to get maybe half of those results going our way, and things will look considerably different to last season.

Willmott is optimistic progression can be made moving forward, and he states maturity, along with experience, is a key part of success in the sport.

This is something hes sure will come with time and, with it, will an upturn in fortunes for the Oly Cats also.

“We probably had around 20 really close games,” he recalled. “The majority of those results went against us.

Sometimes you have to have that nastiness, sometimes you have to do in possession and sometimes out of possession.

Game knowledge is crucial, and the physical element of it is massive as well – especially when youre playing against bigger players.

On a personal level, Willmott has seen players move on to achieve on an individual level – something he added is particularly gratifying.

Futsal fixtures and regular training have proven to be a catalyst for the improvement of 11-a-side players around the world. Now, the UK is finally catching up.

I understand the development side of futsal towards a players ability is massive, and thats where the game is at in our country – its a development tool.

Weve had good success, with players playing at a good level and mentally being able to cope. A lot of that comes from what futsal has taught them.

It can be frustrating when youre losing games, but when you look back and analyse things, you realise how useful those experiences are.

If players are ambitious and theyre getting towards their goals it is rewarding also.